Roll Shutter Blinds

Rollshutter is mounted on the exterior of the building, protecting glass windows and doors as well as contents of the dwelling. All operation and controls of the Rolling Shutters are on the inside protected against unauthorized use. Rolling Shutters provide.

  • Protection
  • Security
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Privacy
  • Total Light Control


  • Security at its best by our rolling shutter.
  • Our Rolling Shutter provides Heat insulating and energy saving.
  • Effective protection against the glaring sun and light in general - for complete privacy.
  • Sound proofing can be achieved with rolling shutter.
  • Rolling Shutter helps in Weatherproofing.
  • Optimal with individually adapted operating mechanism.
  • Rolling Shutter Curtains are interlocking flat faced slats.
  • Remote Control Operated rolling shutter with motorized option.
  • Easy to install on any existing home and business.
  • Choose different Electric or manual operation for Rolling Shutter.


Somfy Simu Serge Louvlitte
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