Roman Blinds

As the name suggests this type of window blind originated in ancient Rome. The environment of the time was hot and very dusty, but there was no way to keep the dirt and the heat from getting into the buildings. Ingeniously, the Romans started to hang wet clothes at their windows to create a barrier. This temporary measure gradually developed into the design of the very first roman blinds. A sort of cross between a blind and drapery, roman blinds offer a very elegant solution to the problem of harsh sunlight. They can of course be easily transformed into blackout blinds with the addition of a blackout coating. In fabric they can look highly ornate and luxurious, with the right choice of design becoming a strong decorative feature of the room. The different textures of the fabrics allow us to create dramatic full-bodied folds or the soothing look of crisp, clean cotton lines. Go for bamboo or other wooden material for a natural, contemporary, warm and eye-catching look.


Somfy Simu Serge Louvlitte
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