Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds have grown up over the last 20 years and have become sophisticated window and door furnishings that are both pleasing to the eye and very practical. Vertical Blinds are ideal for replacing your curtains and give your space a fresh new look with the help of the range of Vertical Blinds we offer. Vertical Blinds are the perfect combination between functionality and design, coming with great patterns and colours making it easier for you to integrate them into your home. You can have your Vertical Blinds custom made and decide on the way they are stacked.

Vertical Blinds are ideal on south facing windows as you can rotate the Vertical Blind vanes to protect you and your furnishings from the sun. The most common uses of Vertical Blinds are on patio doors, conservatories and very large windows. If you have patio doors make sure you can draw your Vertical Blinds clear of the opening for easy access but do remember to order your Vertical Blinds with the correct stacking option. In a conservatory and on large windows Vertical Blinds cover large glass areas cleanly and create an illusion of height. Three Vertical Blind vane stacking options are available, left, right and bi-part. Don't forget to check out the vertical stacking calculator to help decide the best option for you.

Vertical Blinds are available in two vane widths, 89mm (3 ½") and 127mm (5"). The 127mm Vertical Blind vanes let in more light but the 89mm Vertical Blind vanes are less obtrusive and are the most popular size.

The areas where Vertical Blinds are less practical are in recesses where there are lots of things on the window sill or on doors where there is insufficient room to draw back the Vertical Blind clear of the opening. Also, if you've not had one before and you have a cat, it may regard a Vertical Blind as a climbing frame!

Finally, Vertical Blinds are safe and simple to use but please ensure that you follow the instructions and fit the Vertical Blinds as instructed. Visit our Blind Safety page for guidelines on making your Vertical Blinds safe in your home or office.


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