Wooden Blinds

Wooden Blinds are designed to bring the natural beauty of wood into your home or office and have become more fashionable in recent years. Wooden Blinds made from the finest basswood or FSC certified wood and offer a warm natural feel to any window. By using renewable and recyclable materials Wooden Blinds are good for the environment as well.

Wooden Blinds come in three varieties: Wooden Venetian Blinds; Wooden Roman Blinds also called Woodweave Blinds and Wooden Roll-up Blinds which are also called Bamboo Blinds.

The most popular are Wooden Venetian Blinds; they are suitable for any rectangular window size or location just be aware of the stacking sizes (see our stacking size chart). Our supply of quality Wooden Venetian Blinds come in various shades of natural wood and are available with a choice of standard string ladders or some ranges can be custom made with woven tape ladders for that modern stylish look. Each Blind is made to measure to your sizes and comes with a matching wooden pelmet and bottom rail. The Wooden Venetian Blind slats are available in 25 mm, 35mm and 50mm.

These are followed by Wooden Roman Blinds that offer privacy when closed and an uninterrupted view when fully opened. Finally Wooden Roll-up Blinds are the simplest product normally made of bamboo, they simply roll up on two cord loops and are a less expensive option than Wooden Roman Blinds.

All Wooden Blind types are particularly suited to the windows in conservatories as the use of natural materials seems to enhance the ambience whilst fulfilling your privacy, shading and decorative requirements. Look at our Loft Blinds section for Roof Blinds. Wooden Blinds, by their very nature, will show some natural variation in colour and texture. This makes your Wooden Blinds unique, however if you are buying multiple Blinds for one room please let us know and we will manufacture your Wooden Blinds with this in mind. You cannot, however, match Wooden Blinds exactly.

Don’t forget to select the operating option of your Wooden Blinds to suit your needs; for example, if one side of your windows is not easily accessible ask us to put the controls of your Wooden Blinds on the opposite side.

Finally, Wooden Blinds are safe and simple to use but please ensure that you follow the instructions and fit the Wooden Blinds as instructed. Visit our Blind Safety page for guidelines on making your Wooden Blinds safe in your home or office.

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